crosby, stills, nash and young got together. started singing. found out they sounded good. lots of albums and a few dollars later, they are still at it. gray hair, same raspy voices, and still making people feel good listening to their songs.

my mom and i got together. started singing. found out a cat spitting out a hairball sounded better. root treatment and still no dollars later, we decide our hand at blogging. my mom was initiated at age 2 by my great grandma with a fried female anatomy of a pig. yes, you read right, and she was made to chew on it. tradition has it that it makes one glib. my mom turned out with more to say than people to listen.

then two college drop outs decide on dot.coms, and we have a platform. we really do have lots to say; between her and me. or is it she and i? whatever, our grade school english teachers are 6 feet under, and no rolling around where they are can undo her and me.

no dish ever gets a taste without spices, so we guarantee lots of taste with contributions from our friends – from all race colors of the world – guaranteed. which are white, black, brown, yellow, and red. they say there should be an off white, but that friend has still to materialize.

so, we aim for the BESTment of mankind. first and foremost. a fat retirement wallet comes second. but the key word is BESTMENT.

welcome to the world of inmyhappy!

Josie, the writer

Josie, the writer

 Josie – 57, chairwoman of the beentheredonethat corp. except for smallpox, childhood sores and cuts scars, other scars cannot be seen. ergo, in a very distinct position to blog just about anything and everything. mother of two children who are also masters in the art of war, and first time grandma to an incredibly awesome baby sure do help. should i also mention that i have a virgo mother and have worked as a nurse for 30 plus years in places only other nurses could dream of? joyful. obedient. sincere. eager. laid back. intuitive. truthful. at peace. and that’s just the first name.

 Jill – 32, spanking new wife and mother and wherever the top of the world is with the upcoming polar drift. got friends from all the colors of the rainbow. trying to make ocd and adhd work for the betterment of mankind and womankind, with the in between kind lovingly included. just learned to apply false eyelashes while breastfeeding. no, don’t call child services yet. just kidding!