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Matchy Matchy Part 1

For those who know me personally, it’s no secret that my daughter and I along with my mom (my daughter’s grandma, duh, lol) every now and then have matching outfits. Now before you think, I jumped into this “Mommy and Me” twinning bandwagon, this actually started way way back for me. Like when I was […]

Orange is the New Black

Living the Florida life definitely has it’s perks, tank tops and flip flops in the winter. But in the summer. That heat is disrespectful, it bites! (literally). We ladies still want to look cute even with the humidity, don’t we?!? While for me, LBDs (little black dresses) is out of the question, I prefer a pop […]

How I got this romper for $1.65

So, how did i get this romper from Express that costs 70 for a $1.65? Simple. Coupons and rewards. If you haven’t already so, sign up for Express rewards, it’s completely free and you use it every time you make a purchase, you earn points for the stuff you already like and buy! for doing a review, […]


so, birthdays. kids nowadays have it made. imagine? they even have themes for their birthdays. frozen, pirates, spider man, etc. when i was growing up, we would be blessed if we had a chicken to slaughter and cook, and then share with the neighbors. there was even one birthday that i would never forget, as […]

elizabeth point-e, amelia island

it had to be the show “Revenge”, my daughter’s favorite show. from the title itself, it was all about revenge until they ran out of vengefulness and so finally ended. the Hamptons was imprinted in her psyche long after the show ended. come family vacation time, she looked for a place just like it, and […]

how to not get sick

is it rocket science? is it the theory of relativity? no. but how come we still get sick? for starters, as long as we breathe, as long as we go outside and see other people, as long as we touch each and everything else that other people, who have exclusive membership to the ewwww country […]

how to have an amicable parting

Classics 101: Great Expectations emphasis on the EX. because no, we are not taking about the book, although the author, charles dickens, plays quite a part. the first four letters of his last name anyway. pretty much, if we are in the female gender of the homo sapiens species, we have experienced one or two […]

classics 101: The Hobbit

excuse me for the wrong spelling. wrong vowel, extra b. it should be spelled the habit. the word which could be a last name, and the ONLY first names it could have would be either good, or bad. habits are pretty hard to break, because some of them had been with us since we were […]

on weird questions

i’ve been asked all kinds of questions from how’s your day? to what are you?. it’s usually easy to answer how’s your day with “hwe” or blah, especially if someone asks me this question just about everyday. what are you i was asked way back, and i felt so smug when i answered, a human […]

true love

first dates. we all want it to be perfect – right dress, great make up, cosy place, gq cover looking date. it’s going really well, you just can’t stop staring at his beautiful eyes and piano keys choppers. with matching deep throated voice that sends chills down your spine especially that he is the only […]