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on the subject of teeth

no one likes to talk about teeth, except the dentist and his hygienist. why wouldn’t they? them teeth, brushed, flossed or not, pay for the golf clubs and hair extensions. so my mom tells me God asked her one day to choose – teeth or hair? and she chose teeth. and now she only has […]

what’s in a name?

    a name by any other name… babies are not only helpless when it comes to feeding and pooping. they are just as helpless when it come to their names. just ask Gina. her mom, a tad on the not so informed side, kind of liked the word vagina mentioned by doctors and nurses […]

april fools fall in love

  april fools fall in love sounds like an answer to a before an after clue in the game show jeopardy, doesn’t it? they can use it if they want but we shall focus on the word fool. we all know what it means, and sometimes we get insulted if the word is used to […]

A letter to my one year old daughter

A year ago today, 3/3/2014 (and my due date) around 3 am, I felt like I had swallowed a hundred grenades and they were slowly going off inside of me. This my friends is what mommies call, contractions. I turned to the other person responsible as to why I am eating for two, also known […]

in my happy valentine!

  what are the odds that friday the 13th would be the day before valentines? uhhhh scary! in 24 hours we go from jason to cupid! from machete to love arrows! from scary hockey goalie mask to chubby cheeks! from dickie pants to cloth diaper! let me stop. in a way, it works out fine […]

Don’t dare to compare

  ever heard of the little girl who cried because she had no high heeled shoes until she saw another little girl with no feet? have you been that little girl? or little boy for that matter, only with air jordans? no worries. we’ve all been. some even as simple as flip-flops. but it’s human […]

Stella & Dot New Stylist – ME!

  white tshirt. skinny jeans. heels. what’s missing? bling. a statement necklace, bangles, a trendy ring, killer teardrop earrings? good to go. accessories are a woman’s best friend-s circa now. it’s all about expressing oneself; and how best to do that than with the right bling? there’s enough ugliness already, why would we be part […]


  launched a thousand ships lately? stopped traffic on fifth avenue in new york city? any chance your name’s helen? must be. wars have been fought on account of that beautiful face. way before concealers and foundations. just pure, unadulterated, naturally flawless skin and excellent features. i think. there is really truth in the saying […]