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rolling of eyeballs, sighing in frustration – signs of exasperation you would not see in Shane, my web designer. i am one client who needs her hands held as i am walked through a process. the kind of client who would say, explain this to me as if i am still in utero. (now, i […]

How to make chicken adobo – the easy way

quick! i say filipino, and you say the first word that comes to your mind! no, i won’t take short for an answer. but seriously though, it’s adobo, right? we pinoys just could not live without this food, second only to rice. be it chicken, pork, squid, or anything. even leafy greens. it’s the spanish […]


1984 september 13, 1984, to be exact. no, we’re not talking about the book. we are talking about when i first stepped off the boat (a northwest boeing 747 which gave me the first taste of the snottiest stewardesses; and i say that to irk them because they want to be called fa’s now, short […]

Whitney – Stylist

Stylist: Whitney Review: Some people just have the hands, and Whitney has them. can’t really believe it cause she is young! between my mom and me, we are quite hard to please when it comes to our haircuts and hairdos. but Whitney delivers and if it were pizza margherita, it’s right out of Naples. Italy. […]

How to enjoy our blog

read our blog requirements: 1) a pc, laptop, tablet, smart phone; a given. of course. nod head, throw arms up, roll eyeballs.done? okey, good. 2) a liking for some lowest form of wit called sarcasm, wordsmithing, oxymoronism. 3) a gray matter still with working nerve cells. 4) an iq of at least 80, and an […]