How to make chicken adobo – the easy way


quick! i say filipino, and you say the first word that comes to your mind! no, i won’t take short for an answer. but seriously though, it’s adobo, right? we pinoys just could not live without this food, second only to rice. be it chicken, pork, squid, or anything. even leafy greens. it’s the spanish influence, mixed with chinese, if we talk origins. but regardless of where and when it originated and what are used to make it, we could never get out of the line that says, no one cooks it as well as grandma. guess what, we just might be grandmas one day, so we will qualify down the line. it is very simple. really. but in know the secret why it tastes so delicious when grandma makes it – it is the love that she feels for those she makes it for. so, if we look like we are sucking on a lemon and think making it is a chore, we might as well forget it.

i don’t believe in measurements either, forgive me. if others play music by ear, i cook by ear too. here we go.
1..wash a bag of chicken wings, (like i said, pork or squid could be used too) or a whole chicken sliced into smaller parts, and place in a deep skillet or pot.
2. add minced garlic, black pepper, and vinegar, and with your hands (clean, presumably) mix it around.
3. add water to cook the chicken, and continue to add until chicken is cooked.
4. if the chicken is cooked and water is subsiding, add soy sauce and some lemon juice.
5. when the sauce is just about an inch from the bottom of the pan, add cooking oil.
6. then add lots of sliced onions and remove from heat. get that rice ready, and whatever salad you have in the house.
7. devour!
see? wasn’t that easy? and tasty? get me out of here and call me shorty!
xoxo, josie