A letter to my one year old daughter

A year ago today, 3/3/2014 (and my due date) around 3 am, I felt like I had swallowed a hundred grenades and they were slowly going off inside of me. This my friends is what mommies call, contractions. I turned to the other person responsible as to why I am eating for two, also known as father of my child, Dave. I woke him up said, I think it’s time.
A hundred screams per minute, – heard all over the hallways of Bayfront Hospital, 50 shades of red on a father to be’s face from his almost non-existent knuckles, (apparently, labor brings out my super strength in squeezing!) a huge needle, 6 rotating nurses, a bloody nose, oxygen mask, 30 minutes of pushing, a total of 16 hrs later, 7 lb 9 oz, 51.2 cm Jodi Isabelle Anne decided to make her grand entrance. And our world, has not been the same since. I’m pretty sure every parent can relate that time seems to go way faster when you have a kid(s). I can’t believe Jia is a year old today. It’s amazing how a tiny human being can take up so much of your time, your life… Your heart. I thank God everyday for blessing us with an incredible daughter. The joy she brings to my family is incomparable.
I play this game with Dave where I give him random words and he gives me the first thing that comes to mind. I once added Jia into the mix and without skipping a beat; no hesitation, his answer? Happiness. And that’s exactly what she is.

Dear Jia,

It took me 6 tests to be convinced I was for real carrying you, it took me and your father 40 weeks to finally meet you, and in a year you have taught and given us so much. You are the reason for making our lives even more beautiful. I sometimes look at you and think I don’t deserve you, but I am beyond grateful you are mine. In return, I promise to be the mom you deserve. I will be there for every booboo, dr’s appointment to your…. Ugh…first heartbreak. (no worries, nothing ice cream and chick flicks can’t fix) I will be at every soccer game, ballet practice, gymnastics classes, swim lessons or whatever it is your heart desires, I promise to encourage you to always be yourself and to be passionate about what you love. You’re only one, and you’re tiny, but you have a big heart. May you always have that. Be kind. Share. Give.
Although it’s hard for me to fully take in how fast you’re growing up, but; you are. Know that as you do, you will find out that I am not your friend, I am your mom and there will be times that when you do a different kind of booboo, you’re not going to like me all that much. Trust, that it’s because I care about you more than you’ll ever know and will always want what’s best for you. You won’t get everything you want, but we will always provide you with everything you need. And when it comes to boys, just know that I will have no say in it, and your daddy has a much longer letter for you just about that. We know you can’t read yet, but when you can, know that this was written out of nothing but love for you. Thank you for being our daughter. For being you. You are so so so loved.



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