Matchy Matchy Part 1

For those who know me personally, it’s no secret that my daughter and I along with my mom (my daughter’s grandma, duh, lol) every now and then have matching outfits.
Now before you think, I jumped into this “Mommy and Me” twinning bandwagon, this actually started way way back for me. Like when I was my daughter’s age. (She’s 3) My grandma used to have her dresses made, like literally “made”. Like I am going to the dressmaker, here’s the design I want, now saw it type of “made”. And she would often have some fabric left. So guess what? She would have the dressmaker make me a mini version of the dress she had done. And the “twinning” began.

So now that I have a daughter of my own, why not? It’s fun. She can hate me when she’s older, or laugh, like how me and my grandma do now. After all, it’s all about making memories isn’t it?

I usually get our stuff at Old Navy. They have amazing deals every. day! It’s very budget friendly for 2 and 1/4 people and they have the cutest designs. Here are some of the few I found…

image from old navy


click here to get this dress



image from old navy

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Orange is the New Black

image from express

Living the Florida life definitely has it’s perks, tank tops and flip flops in the winter. But in the summer. That heat is disrespectful, it bites! (literally). We ladies still want to look cute even with the humidity, don’t we?!?
While for me, LBDs (little black dresses) is out of the question, I prefer a pop of color in the summer.
I am loving ORANGE this season! Orange you glad that Orange is the new black? Haha, just had to add a pun in there!

Hubs and I in Turks and Caicos

I bought this dress from express a month ago for my trip to turks and caicos with the hubs. I LOVE THIS dress  it’s so comfy, it’s so soft, and it was just perfect for the T&C weather! (helps that I can always re-wear this in the Florida heat! I picked the papaya (orange basically) color, I easily tan, and I thought it would go well with my skin tone, plus the hubs likes this color on me. So double score. hehe. They come in other colors as well. Click here to see your options!
Happy Shopping!



How I got this romper for $1.65

Images from Express

Images from Express

express romper back

So, how did i get this romper from Express that costs 70 for a $1.65?

Simple. Coupons and rewards.
If you haven’t already so, sign up for Express rewards, it’s completely free and you use it every time you make a purchase, you earn points for the stuff you already like and buy! for doing a review, you even get points for checking in at an Express store! Once you accumulate enough points, they will send you rewards to use towards a purchase. They will also send you coupons you could use!
Here’s how mine went down
Romper – 69.90 (click here to see it)
2 express rewards I could use towards the romper worth: $30
express coupon: $15 off 30 (the higher amount of your purchase the bigger the discount, they even have 75 off 200)
amount I had to pay? 24.90. plus tax.
Had a gift card from express my husband gave to me, $25 worth.
So I only ended up paying for tax! So even if I did really pay 24.90 for the romper, that is SOOOO much better than paying 69.90 for it! And that, that put me #inmyhappy.
Happy Shopping!

If you want to get the exact same romper…. click here! 

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Stella & Dot New Stylist – ME!



white tshirt. skinny jeans. heels. what’s missing? bling. a statement necklace, bangles, a trendy ring, killer teardrop earrings? good to go. accessories are a woman’s best friend-s circa now. it’s all about expressing oneself; and how best to do that than with the right bling? there’s enough ugliness already, why would we be part of it? i say we bring the beauty, and with the right stella and dot accessories, as there’s gotta be one or more for every type of beauty in a woman, we will.
i’m no royalty, but cheap jewelry is the pea to my the princess and the pea story. it smells like weird metal and it makes my skin itch. what’s so great about stella and dot is you can still get classy jewelry without having to give up your daily triple grande non fat decaf iced latte. it’s just the right kind of fabulous.

so okay ladies! let’s bling it on! 

Make sure to check out my stella & dot shop online!

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launched a thousand ships lately? stopped traffic on fifth avenue in new york city? any chance your name’s helen? must be. wars have been fought on account of that beautiful face. way before concealers and foundations. just pure, unadulterated, naturally flawless skin and excellent features. i think.

there is really truth in the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder. to someone, we might look like angelina jolie, but to another, well, not so angelina jolie. ish. moms particularly are partial – all their children are good-looking, hence the expression a face only a mother could love.
but according to Ms Jamaica who everyone thinks except the judges should have won the Ms universe crown, we cannot put beauty in a category, or something like that. some have said that the most beautiful hands are the hands that work and we know working hands are covered with callouses and wrinkles. many say Mother Teresa is the most beautiful woman. beauty is not in flawless skins and perfect features. beauty is ageless. that is, inner beauty. one can stay beautiful because what is inside glows on the outside.
has someone ever told you how beautiful you are in the morning? bed hair, morning breath, make up less? it has to be the truth. and it is the best compliment anyone can say about a person. because it means whoever said it loves you, and sees that beauty in you first thing in the morning.
now let us talk beauty; post helen des troy time. just in case our inner beauty hasn’t made it to the outside yet…
xoxo, Jill and Josie