launched a thousand ships lately? stopped traffic on fifth avenue in new york city? any chance your name’s helen? must be. wars have been fought on account of that beautiful face. way before concealers and foundations. just pure, unadulterated, naturally flawless skin and excellent features. i think.

there is really truth in the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder. to someone, we might look like angelina jolie, but to another, well, not so angelina jolie. ish. moms particularly are partial – all their children are good-looking, hence the expression a face only a mother could love.
but according to Ms Jamaica who everyone thinks except the judges should have won the Ms universe crown, we cannot put beauty in a category, or something like that. some have said that the most beautiful hands are the hands that work and we know working hands are covered with callouses and wrinkles. many say Mother Teresa is the most beautiful woman. beauty is not in flawless skins and perfect features. beauty is ageless. that is, inner beauty. one can stay beautiful because what is inside glows on the outside.
has someone ever told you how beautiful you are in the morning? bed hair, morning breath, make up less? it has to be the truth. and it is the best compliment anyone can say about a person. because it means whoever said it loves you, and sees that beauty in you first thing in the morning.
now let us talk beauty; post helen des troy time. just in case our inner beauty hasn’t made it to the outside yet…
xoxo, Jill and Josie