classics 101: The Hobbit

excuse me for the wrong spelling. wrong vowel, extra b. it should be spelled the habit. the word which could be a last name, and the ONLY first names it could have would be either good, or bad.

habits are pretty hard to break, because some of them had been with us since we were born – burping and farting indiscriminately, for example. but we will limit ourselves today to that habit that bury us upside down if we are not careful:
the habit of owing. america is known to immigrants who have come here in rat infested ships, wheels of airplanes, dump trucks turned into boats, and airless containers, as the land of opportunity. it will quickly turn into the land of
OWE-portunity if we are not careful.
the first mistake is always not saving. the paycheck is never enough. that would easily be fixed if we never, EVER, live above our means. if we look around us when we get home today, and look at all the things we bought and don’t even glance at anymore, let us tell ourselves, that would’ve been money in the bank.
dusty dvds, anyone?
second mistake? credit cards. once we sign up for one, our mailboxes would be flooded with others. true, we need to build up our credit to get to the big leagues of buying cars and homes. but there is a way that we would not be buried with finance charges, especially store cards, and never getting out of the in the red zone. the way to do it is, we get one that one we could pay off the next month and one that we can pay off over the amount due. that way, credit builds up and it would not be overwhelming.
there are many more mistakes that we always rationalize with – “but i work so hard! i deserve all of these!” that is true! but if it causes us sleepless nights and a very bad phobia of the mailman, that’s not good. eating out a lot, buying that expensive coffee with names we can’t even pronounce, getting groceries and stuff without a list, (or even with a list, go beyond), and many more, are other culprits. we’ve made bestselling authors on books on these topics, when we know deep in our hearts we have the common sense enough not to overspend.
if we already are in this situation, the best solution is, don’t owe anymore. pay off existing debts first. if employed full time, get that 401k going. if at 50 or so, we are in el nido sipping drinks with the little paper umbrellas for itty bitty slobber rain, ours hopefully, you will thank me.
now stop singing i owe i owe so off to work i go. snowhite is awake.
xoxo, Josie
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