how to have an amicable parting

Classics 101: Great Expectations

emphasis on the EX. because no, we are not taking about the book, although the author, charles dickens, plays quite a part. the first four letters of his last name anyway.

pretty much, if we are in the female gender of the homo sapiens species, we have experienced one or two ex-es from hades. or gehenna. or h-e-double hockey sticks. there’s the dreamers, always talking about the ideal job and how much money they would make someday, but never could hold a job, so even if we are on the thin side, we are milking cows. there’s the testosterone loaded ones who wait for us to get dressed then take us down, so if they had not invented the pill we would be pregnant everyday! there’s the light handed ones who think slapping and roughing a woman around is a pro sport. we might as well be paid at the boxing training place. there’s the over jealous one that would even get jealous of our cats or dogs. oh no, not a wag of the tail!
or, they would be all of the above in one man. God help us!
so, how do we prevent ourselves from being primetime news of the found dead kind? two words: tact and diplomacy. and women, thanks be to God, are in abundance of it. we could use it to our advantage. make it really sound like it’s us and not them. that they deserve better. that we would be better as friends. and whatever wile it is we could think of. but parting amicably would add years to our lives.
it’s just a battle of testosterone and estrogen. hey, if women could take the pain of 28 broken bones when having a baby the natural way, if we could have five or so days of the month while young on the red dot, and if we could deal with hot and cold sweats come menopause, we could rule the world.
wait, we already do!
xoxo, Josie
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