how to not get sick

is it rocket science? is it the theory of relativity? no. but how come we still get sick?

for starters, as long as we breathe, as long as we go outside and see other people, as long as we touch each and everything else that other people, who have exclusive membership to the ewwww country club; touched, we will be exposed to germs.
depending on our immune system, we either can resist or easily catch certain diseases. too bad it does not apply to catching fish, game for tonight’s dinner, and richwithnorelativesorexesandreadytodie men.
it honestly is a no brainer, especially when it comes to the common cold. as it is easy to spot, we stay away from someone who has it. we don’t shake hands with them after a really hearty sneeze and they covered their mouths with their hands. if it is someone we are close to, no pda until it clears. absence does make the heart grow fonder, if we give it a chance.
there are all kinds of vitamins and minerals  in the market they are hawking to keep us healthy. we don’t really have to take all of them because believe me, by the time we are done taking all of them, we are dead from water toxicity. we just need to make sure our diets are of healthy food, we exercise, and we meditate.
handwashing is really important too. (does that mean people born with no hands are lucky? sorry i had to go there. some readers are just that smart!) by no means. like i said, if we breathe, that means we have a nose and lots of diseases are airborne. but those transmitted by contact are just as bad. proper hand washing prevents the transmission of these diseases. it only takes 20 seconds.
what is 20 seconds compared to being sick? worse, if there is a rearranging of letters and in the very accent of John Lequizamo, de-cease-ed?
an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. definitely not rocket science.
xoxo, Josie
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