on weird questions

i’ve been asked all kinds of questions from how’s your day? to what are you?. it’s usually easy to answer how’s your day with “hwe” or blah, especially if someone asks me this question just about everyday. what are you i was asked way back, and i felt so smug when i answered, a human being. i know she, (of course it was a she), was asking about my ethnicity. it has been my experience that it depended on which store i was, and i would be always be mistaken as an employee because of the way i look. so anyway, i gave this lady a short history lesson, and a little manners lesson.

water under the bridge, that. this last weekend though, i was asked a question i actually was at a loss to answer. me? who always had a smart answer to just about everything. especially when i’m wearing my witty thong. the question? hi! what brought you in here today? by a girl in a candle and lotion shop. it was almost a give me a password or you can’t come in question. i squeaked out, the smell?
must’ve been the right answer or close to it because i got away scot free. actually i was just following my daughter who had gone in earlier while i put some purchases from another store in the car. i don’t know why i did not give that answer instead. the smell? what a lame answer. if that girl had been anywhere like me, she’d probably queried back, of what? then a whole can of worms would have sprung open out of medusa’s head. smell of feet, dirty undies, fried dried fish. anything else but candles.
so, until now, i still have ptsd from that question. i hope there would not be a next time.
what brought you in here today? seriously?
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